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Automotive Air Conditioning Trainers

Automotive Air Conditioning Trainers

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A car A/C unit belt driven with electromagnetic clutch, with control pannel, electrical motor for driving the compressor.  The unit should be mounted on fabricated rigid stand with caster wheel. All parts of the model will be brand new and fitted on wooden base. The apparatus will be supplied with a protective show case unit.       


·         230 V, 3A. AC, supply

·         Floor Space: 3 Feet X 2 Feet X 3 Feet height.


(1)      Compressor : 1 ton/100 C.C. capacity used in Maruti – 800 Car.

(2)      Electrical  Motor : Single  Phase,  230  V,  1 HP,  1440  rpm,  A.C. Motor  (ISI  Mark)                                                    

(3)      Condenser : 14"  x  18"  size as used in Maruti – 800 Car.                   

(4)      Blower : capacity  of  1 to  1.5  Ton  with  three grills as used in Maruti – 800 Car.

(5)      Electrical  Fan  for  condenser  along with  pipe  set  for  connection.  

(6)      Arrangement  for  measure  &  display  temperature of cooled  air.      

(7)      Power Supply : 12  Volt  6 Amp D.C.