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Engineering Models

Engineering Models

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 Engineering Models

(i) Gear Models

9151       Single Stage Spur Gears

9152       Single Stage Spur Gears with Intermediate

9153       Two Stage Spur Gears

9154       Three Stage Spur Gears

9155       Single Stage Bevel Gears

9156       Single Stage Helical Gears

9157       Single Stage Spiral Gears

9158       Gear Sets

(A)          Set Of 4

(B)          Set Of 8

9160       Herringbone Gears

9162       Internal Gear Pinion Drive

9163       Rack and Quadrant Gears

9164       Sliding Wedge Gear With Straight Line

9165       Rack & Pinion

9166       Epicycle Gear

9167       Epicyclic Gear (Sun & Planet Type)

9168       Cyclodial Gear

9169       Reversing Gears

9170       Worm Gear

9171       Train Of Gear Wheels

(A)          Simple

(B)          Compound

9172       Inter Connected Gears

9173       Gear Box ( 3 speed & reverse gear)

(A)          Without Clutch

(B)          With Clutch

9174       Differential Gear

9175       Shaper Model


(ii) Mechanism Models

9177       Friction Wheel Drive

9178       Chain Drive

9179       Geneva Drive

9180       Pawl & Ratchet Rod Model

9181       Crank & Connecting Rod Model

9182 (I) Slide Crank Mechanism

(A)          Reciprocating Engine Mechanism

(B)          Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism

(C)          Witworth Quick Return Mechanism

9182 (II)                Slide Crank Mechanism With Caliberated Dials

(A)          Reciprocating Engine Mechanism

(B)          Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism

(C)          Witworth Quick Return Mechanism

9183       Four Bar Link Mechanism

9184       Scotch Yoke Mechanism

9185       Elipse Tracer Model

9186       Watt's Mechanism

9187       Peucellir Linkage Drive Model

9188       Pentograph Mechanism

9189       Kinematic Pairs

9190       Crank Shaft To Slider Mechanism

9191       Crank & Slotted Link Mechanism

9192       Two Crank Linkage Drive Model

9193       Slotted  Link Bar Mechanism

9194       Inversion Of Four Bar Mechanism

9195       Crank Drive To Oscillating Link Mechanism

9196       Crank Slotted Lever Apparatus (fully Calibrated)

9197       Inversion Of Single Slide Crank Mechanism

9198       Inversion Of Double Slide Crank Mechanism


(iii) Cam & Follower Models

9200       Cams & Followers Set of 5 :-

(A)          Plate Cam : With Flat Faced Reciprocating Follower

(B)          Tangent Cam : With Roller Oscillating  Follower

(C)          Cylindrical Cam : With Translating Follower

(D)          Translating Cam : With Reciprocating Knife Edge Follower

(E)          End Cam : With Translating Follower

9201       Action Of Cams

9202       Triangular Eccentric Cam

9203       Tri Clover Leaf Cam

9204       Harmonic Motion(simple type)

9205       Harmonic Motion


(iv) Brake Models

9206       Single Shoe Brake

9207       Double Shoe Brake

9208       Band Brake

9209       Bnad and Block Brake

9210       Internally Expanding Brake

9211       Disc Brake Model

9212       Disc Brake Actual Working

9213       Hydraulic Break Unit (Single Break Drum)

9214       Hydraulic Brake Unit (Two Break Drums)

9215       Hydraulic Brake Unit (Four Break Drums)

9216       Mechanical Brake System

9217       Power Brake Actual Working

9218       Air Brake Working Model


(v) Belt Pulley Models

9225       Model of Belt Pulleys

(A)          Flat Belt Pulley

(B)          Rope Pulley

(C)          V' Belt Pulley

(D)          Cone or Step Pulley

9226       Belt Drive Single Speed

9227       Belt Drive Two Stage

9228       Belt Drive Lose And Fast


(vi) Bearing Models

9240       Shafting General Bearing

(A)          Open Truck Bearing

(B)          Simple Bearing

(C)          Bush Bearing

(D)          Thrust Bearing

(E)          Plummer Block or Pedestal Bearing

(F)          Foot Step Bearing

9241       Bearings

(A)          Ball Bearings

(B)          Roller Bearings

(C)          Taper Bearings

(D)          Thrust Bearings

9242       Ball Bearings Set

9243       Swivel Bearings

9244       Hanger Brackets

9245       Wall Brackets


(vii) Key & Joints Models

9250       Keys

9251       Knuckle Joint

9253       Cotter Joint

9254       Gib & Cotter Joint

9255       Tie Rod Joint

9256       Sleeve & Cotter Joint

9257       Socket & Spigot Joint

9258       Rivetted Joints

9259       Rivetted Joints

(A)          Rivetted Joints Tripple

(B)          Rivetted Joints Quadrupple

(C)          Rivetted Joints Angle Iron and Girder Joints

9260       Rivets Four Types

9261       Rolled Sectional Models

9262       Girder Models

(A)          Plate Girder

(B)          Box Girder

(C)          N.Girder


(viii) Coupling Models

9263       Sellers Coupling

9264       Universal Coupling

9265       Hook's Coupling

9266       Hook's Coupling(Double)

9267       Double Hook's Coupling Experimental Apparatus

9268       Flexible Coupling

9269       Box or Muff Coupling

9270       Flanged Coupling

9271       Split Muff Coupling

9272       Oldham's Coupling

(A)          Big

(B)          Small  

(x) Screw & Nut Models

9280       Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads

9281       Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads Nuts

9282       Standard Bolt

9283       Bolts of Four Types

9284       Foundation Bolts

9285       Foundation Bolts (with nomenclature)

9286       Locking Arrangement of Bolts


(xi) Gyroscope Models

9290       Standard Gyroscope

9291       Gyroscope With Counter Poise

9292       Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

9293       Revolving Stool For Above