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Heat Transfer Lab Equipments

  1. Composite Walls Apparatus

    Available in 25mm thickness & 250 mm diameter, this Composite Walls Apparatus is widely demanded in labs and research centers. The offered apparatus is best for measuring the conductivity and resistance by thermocouple tapping plates. Apart from this, the offered Composite Walls Apparatus provides ease in changing the temperature distribution across the composite walls by exchanging slabs installed in it.
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  2. Lagged Pipe Apparatus

    We are providing best quality Lagged Pipe Apparatus that is made available in standard specifications. Consisting of three concentric pipes mounted on mobile stand, the offered apparatus is installed with ammeter and voltmeter for the purpose of measuring electricity input. It is having Galvanized pipes with 6, 8.5 and 10.7 centimeter of inner, middle and outer diameter respectively. Also, owing to its fine grade nichrome wire, this Lagged Pipe Apparatus is made available in various specifications.
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  3. Heat Pipe Apparatus

    The offered Heat Pipe Apparatus is a special inserting device that is used for hassle free transferring of heat from one location to another. Manufactured with utmost care with proper assembly of copper and stainless steel pipe, the provided apparatus is operated with 230 volt electric power. Considered at advanced equipment for transferring heat, this Heat Pipe Apparatus is mostly demanded in labs of educational institutes.
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  4. Mass Transfer Lab Apparatus

    Known for durable finish, accurate dimensions and easy installation, the offered Mass Transfer Lab Apparatus are used to be fixed in heat transfer systems. Manufactured with the help of innovative technology, the provided Mass Transfer Lab Apparatus is highly demanded in electrical industries owing to its smooth and damage proof surfaces.
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  5. Pin Fin Apparatus

    The offered Pin Fin Apparatus is manufactured using top-grade components with proper assembly as per set industry standards. It consists of a channel in which pin fin is tested in tested on forced as well as forced convection. Having three films of brass, aluminium and mild steel respectively, the provided Pin Fin Apparatus is widely demanded in workshops and labs.
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  6. Natural Convection Apparatus

    The offered Natural Convection Apparatus is manufactured with the use of optimum quality components as per set industry standards. Featured with vertical brass pipe heated by cartridge heater, the provided apparatus is fitted with strong metallic enclosure to facilitate undisturbed natural convection. The provided Natural Convection Apparatus is bench area with 1.5m x 0,75m. at certain height.
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  7. Forced Convection Apparatus

    We provide optimum quality Forced Convection Apparatus that is manufactured using top-grade components as per set market standards. Consisting of circular pipe that loses heat with forced convection to air through it, the offered apparatus is made available in various specifications. Suitable to calculate coefficients of heat transfer in forced convection, the provided Forced Convection Apparatus is highly demanded in laboratories.
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  8. Specific Heat of Air Apparatus

    We are offering Specific Heat of Air Apparatus that is widely demanded in college and institute laboratories for the measurement of specific heat of transferred air. The provided apparatus is featured with advanced orifice meter which measures flow of air very accurately. Also, electricity input is measured by separate voltmeters and ammeters. This Specific Heat of Air Apparatus is known for its long life, high efficiency and easy maintenance.
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  9. Agitated Heat Transfer Vessel Model

    We provide excellent quality Agitated Heat Transfer Vessel that is known for its user-friendly operations. Consisting of vessel with class wool insulation ail, the offered vessel featured with advanced agitator at coil center. Also, owing to advanced heating and controlling equipment, the offered Agitated Heat Transfer Vessel is used for measurement of heat transfer coefficient of water or air at varying speed.
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  10. Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

    The offered Emissivity Measurement Apparatus is manufactured with proper assembly of test plate, comparator, voltmeter, ammeter and other components. Having space area of 1.5m x 1 m at working height, the provided apparatus is operated with 15A and 30v electric supply. Known for accurate measurement of emissivity, the provided Emissivity Measurement Apparatus is highly cherished in the market.
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  11. Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus

    We are providing optimum quality Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus that is especially used for determination of boltzmann heat constant. Consisting of hemisphere surrounded by hot water filled in tank, the offered apparatus used immersion heater that is electrically operated. Also, it is installed with audible buzzer with timer that rings after every 5 seconds. The provided Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus is known for its result accuracy, smooth operations and long life.
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  12. Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

    Consist of two concentric tubes of copper, this Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger enables parallel and counter flow of cold water. Equipped with geyser of 3kw capacity, the provided exchanger is capable enough to transfer heat quick and fast. Apart from this, the offered Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger can be availed from us as per the clients’ requirements.
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  13. Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

    Our offered Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is extensively used for transferring heat from one fluid to other. Manufactured using quality tested components, the provided exchanger is perfect for operating faultlessly on 3 kw power. Having valves to control hot and cool water flow, the offered Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is extensively used in laboratories as well as electronic workshops.
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  14. Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus

    Highly used for transferring heat efficiently, offered Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus is best for providing ease in maintaining specified temperature. Available in dimension of 200*400mm, it is manufactured using stainless steel with the help of progressive techniques. The offered Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus simply allows the user to determine the heat transfer rate in hassle free manner.
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  15. Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

    Manufactured using top-notch quality raw materials, the provided Thermal Conductivity Apparatus is a less power consuming devices that supply water at the rate of 2 lit/mm. Having portable size and easy installation, it can easily be situated on bench area of 1.5*1m at perfect working height. Our offered Thermal Conductivity Apparatus comprises voltmeter, ammeter and multichannel digital temperature indicator for its impeccable performance.
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  16. Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig

    Our offered Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig is manufactured as per the set industry norms at our premises. Widely used in laboratories and research centers, it is perfect for calibrating temperatures of devices. Highly recognized due to its high durability and flawless finish, this Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig can be operated faultlessly on wide range from 0 to 100 C.
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