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Mechanism Models

Mechanism Models

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List Of Mechanism Models

The models give an idea to explain the most fundamental and frequently used mechanisms and give a deep understanding of the Theory of machines. All the components Are made with high degree of precision, interchangeability and easy to assemble or disassemble. The models Are assembled on transparent Perspex sheets, so that it is easy to visualize & understand the mechanical motions & functions. All the models are provided with rotating handles, so that a student can understand the actual mechanisms more deeply by rotating themselves which otherwise is difficult to understand in the real big machines

  1. Crank Shaft & slider mechansim

  2. Belt drive single speed

  3. Internal Gear & Pinion Drive

  4. Two Crank & Linkage Drive

  5. Face cam Drive (free Follower)

  6. Can with straight Line & lever

  7. Rack & Quadrant Gear Drive

  8. Single Stage spur gear

  9. Bevel Gear

  10. Spiral Gear 90 Degree

  11. Crank drive to Oscillating Link

  12. Oldharns Coupling