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Multipoint Fuel Injection System Trainer

Multipoint Fuel Injection System Trainer

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Fuel Supply System Petrol MPFI Type (Actual Working Model)

Multi Point Fuel Injection

This is an actual working model of fuel supply system of a MPFI petrol engine. The parts details is as under ::

1. Fuel Tank

2. Fuel Filter

3. Motorised Fuel Pump

4. Pressure Gauge

5. Fuel Rail

6. Fuel Injectors

7. ECU

8. Igniter & Ignition Coil

9. Distributor

10. Spark Plugs

11. Power Supply

12. Fuel Gauge & Control Panel

This model helps the student to understand about the parts & working of MPFI system. It is specially designed for demonstration purposes. The model will be supplied with key card & very interesting literature regarding working.